Probates &

Estate Administration

Prices & Rates

Please note, the following list may not apply in all circumstances or cases. It is meant to serve only as a guide. The only certain way to know pricing is to call and speak to an attorney. Furthermore, the client may be expected to pay the price or rate listed, plus: sales tax, filing fees, service of process fees, surcharges, expert witness fees, and other costs associated with litigation or otherwise established by the attorney-client contract.

Estate Administration

Small Estate Administration (with Affidavit)

$250 + Filing Fees

Standard Estate Probate (Estate Value up to $500,000)

A number of factors apply.

$250/hour or a flat-fee of $3,000 may be available.

Large Estate Probate ($500,000 or More in Assets)

1% to 2% of the Gross Value of the Estate.

A number of factors apply, and an hourly rate or flat-fee may be available.

Non-Probate Assets Administration

Included in Probate Pricing, Call if Related to Trust Administration

Estate Administration Litigation

$250/hour or Contingency Fee

Mediation of Estate Administration/Probate

$1,200 for a four hour block; $2,000 for an eight hour day.