Estate Planning Prices & Rates

Please note, the following list may not apply in all circumstances or cases. It is meant to serve only as a guide. The only certain way to know pricing is to call and speak to an attorney. Furthermore, the client may be expected to pay the price or rate listed, plus: sales tax, filing fees, service of process fees, surcharges, expert witness fees, and other costs associated with litigation or otherwise established by the attorney-client contract.

Estate Planning

Last Will & Testament

$225 (Single) | $400 (Married Couple)

Financial Power of Attorney

$100 (Single) | $150 (Married Couple)

Healthcare Power of Attorney & Living Will

$150 (Single) | $200 (Married Couple)

Revocable Living Trust (RLT)

*Includes loading the Trust

$500 (Single) | $750 (Married Couple)

Will Estate Bundle (Will, Beneficiary Designation Advising, Financial POA, & Health POA)

$400 (Single) | $650 (Married Couple)

Trust Bundle (RLT, pour-over Will, Beneficiary Designation Advising, Finacial POA, & Health POA)

*Includes loading the Trust

$750 (Single) | $1,200 (Married Couple)

Trusts (Other than RLT)

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