Guardianship & Conservatorship

Guardianship and Conservatorship is a legal action taken to protect a person statutorily deemed to need protection. Such a person may be deemed a "Vulnerable Person" or a "Person Alleged to Need Protection." That person may be a child whose parents have passed away, or an adult with disabilities that impair their ability to care for and make decisions for themselves. A Guardianship is a legal action to appoint a guardian to make major decisions on behalf of the vulnerable person, to care for them, and if necessary to decide where the vulnerable person will be placed to live (such as a nursing home). A Conservatorship is a legal action to appoint a conservator to make financial decisions, and to manage the finances of the vulnerable person. Often, but not always, the guardian and conservator are the same person. A person seeking to be a guardian or conservator should be aware that the State of South Dakota requires both guardians and conservators to file annual reports and accountings, respectively, with the State.

Oxner Law Office can assist with:

  • Guardianship Proceedings
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  • Mandatory Annual Filings and
  • Legal Advising as to the Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties of the Parties